There are multiple interactive Think Tanks – you can attend as many as you like. You get the opportunity to network and learn from 20 peers (from other industries) in each one. With your camera on it's a wonderful face to face and personable experience. All based on hot topics, one hour in duration and led by industry experts. Hosted by the Eventful Group they offer you excellent peer to peer learning and are designed to fit into busy schedules.

These think tanks run premastering SAP OnAir between 5 - 23 July commencing at 12 noon (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

These discussions are for registered attendees of Mastering SAP OnAir July.

SAP Community Roundtable Topic Date & Time
Tech & Cloud
  • What does it mean to run SAP in a cloud native way?
  • How can it be achieved?
  • What skills do I need?
  • What is the operating model post migration?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Where do I start?
July 5 | 12 noon BOOK
While creating an environment where people feel safe, engaged, and productive requires an intentional focus on fostering a positive employee experience, we know that Human Capital Management (HCM) technology falls short of what businesses need to compete today. That’s why Human Resources (HR) is evolving to human experience management, or HXM. In this session we discuss key HR Practices that need to be transformed to create an HXM environment:

  • Learning/Training: Engagement vs. Compliance
  • People Analytics & People Stories
  • Onboarding 1.0 – 2.0
  • Payroll and Core HR
July 5 | 12 noon BOOK
Managing SAP user access in a compliant manner is a significant challenge for many organisations. The consequences of a cyber incident occurring are well known, including the risk of employee fraud, financial and reputational damage, etc. This area is often targeted by auditors, thereby raising the importance and visibility of the challenge. This think tank explores the common reasons why this is such a challenging area to get right.
July 6 | 12 noon BOOK
Tech & Cloud
With Azure native services like Security Centre, Azure Policy, Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery, SAP on Azure is a tightly integrated optimised offer and risk mitigated service architecture. Join us at this think tank to dive into:

  • The optimal approach to planning, designing and discovering Azure as the platform of choice for SAP
  • Cost-saving benefits and flexibility based on thousands of migrations worldwide
  • How seamless, low-risk migration with continual uptime is possible in < 3 months
July 8 | 12 noon BOOK
This think tank covers the different approaches to payroll migration:

  • What is the difference between “transition” and “transform” and what are the pros and cons of each?
  • What are the factors you should consider when planning a move from on-premise to Employee Central Payroll?
  • What are best practices for moving configuration, data, and results during a payroll migration and which tools are needed?
July 8 | 12 noon BOOK
Tech & Cloud
Did you know that 35% of a large enterprise’s IT budget will go to testing?  SAP testing is complicated, and it has its share of challenges. When a project deadline is looming, testers are put into a position of delaying projects because of insufficient test data. When a team misses a deadline, it’s more likely to go over budget, errors are likely to be made, and nobody's happy. During this session, we will discuss your most common SAP test data challenges and how you can overcome them.
July 12 | 12 noon BOOK
Accounting and finance play a critical role for companies in building a data-driven culture. A role once seen as little more than the business owner of spreadsheets, the creators or journals, invoices and expenses is now tomorrow’s leader – using technology and advanced forecasting methods to plot an organisation’s path. In this session, we will discuss how the role evolves, what the future of accounting and finance looks like, and what these teams need to succeed?
July 13 | 12 noon BOOK
Tech & Cloud
So, you’re rolling out SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) but staying with your third-party payroll provider for now. What needs to be considered when it comes to integrating your third-party payroll system with EC? Given there is no contingency for delays or errors in payroll, what is critical to understand and account for in your planning for better accuracy and cost optimisation? In this think-tank session, we’ll explore different scenarios and considerations for third party payroll integration with EC, and whether you’re likely to need to follow an API, file-based, AI, or manual integration approach, or a mix.
July 13 | 12 noon BOOK
Public Sector
How are departments handling these issues in modern SAP landscapes? Given the new technologies such as Mobile, Fiori and Analytics, departments now have multiple ways of accessing and reporting on data. Security is one issue, however, knowing the source, who and where data is accessed can be an issue with every FOI request. How are departments handling it? And how has cloud affected this?
July 14 | 12 noon BOOK
The global market has seen change accelerate dramatically over the past twelve months. As each enterprise shifts to meet demand, so has the need to review and evolve employee engagement strategies in real time.

To remain competitive, organisations must attract and develop key talent, motivate and reward appropriate performance, and create an alignment with business imperatives and strategies.

In this session we will facilitate discussion on what strategies organisations are exploring to drive engagement and ensure effective organisational communication and behaviours. Whether for the benefit of a successful solution rollout or adoption of a new business process, we will unpack the unique and winning elements of what differentiates employee engagement.
July 14 | 12 noon BOOK
We’ve all been there – we scroll through Netflix for 20 mins, before we settle on something we aren’t sure about, only to stop it after 10 minutes and give up. How are we spending those precious moments at work where we have 30mins to learn or improve our skills? Are we even making those moments for ourselves in our busy calendars? This session will explore tips and tricks to enable us to find 30mins in our day to learn and improve our skills – and once we see that time, how do we use it effectively?
July 15 | 12 noon BOOK
Tech & Cloud
Driving Business Value from SAP & non-SAP data
  • Data is the new oil, but how do I prepare for the oil rush?
  • What is a modern data architecture that leverages the cloud?
  • Why is a modern data architecture important?
  • What are other organisations doing and what benefits have they achieved?
  • What are my options and where do I start?
July 16 | 12 noon BOOK
Finance & Analytics
How do we avoid budget overruns and missed milestones? How do we ensure solution adoption and manage change? How do we minimise risk and align stakeholder expectations with project constraints? Join us to share learnings and customer feedback from 200+ Financial Planning & Analytics engagements using SAP Analytics Cloud and other SAP solutions.
July 16 | 12 noon BOOK
You’ve invested in cloud technology to get the accurate, real-time data necessary to make the best financial and human capital decisions for your business. But in order for that to happen, your platform must be proactively managed and optimised to ensure that you keep up with the rapid pace of change. Join us to discover the challenges and opportunities, and assess how close your organisation is to achieving true value.
July 19 | 12 noon BOOK
Effectively prioritising the investment of limited capital funding and resources is the most important responsibility of management. Are you frustrated getting approvals? Do you have real-time visibility of budgets, plans, forecasts and actuals? Are you tasked with integrating external CAPEX solutions and data into SAP to manage CAPEX? Learn how other organisations have successfully embraced Fiori to ensure control and visibility of the complete Capital Investment and Expenditure Management process:

  • How to manage collaboration and approvals of CAPEX requests in an era of remote working
  • How to prioritise competing CAPEX requests considering Resource and Funding constraints
  • How to monitor the CAPEX process from Idea to Benefits realisation.
July 20 | 12 noon BOOK
Security & Risk
Due to the complexity and technical nature of SAP authorisations, managing access risk without a GRC solution can be a real challenge. This often places the SAP security team under immense pressure to ensure that the SAP authorization solution provides the users with appropriate access.

How do you go about convincing senior management that your organisation will benefit from the implementation of a GRC solution? What factors should be included in the business case? How will implementing a GRC solution elevate the role of the SAP security team to provide a more value-add service to the organisation?
July 21 | 12 noon BOOK
Learn how:
  • To access instant, real-time workforce data insights
  • You can identify gaps & issues in your workforce
  • Org design tools can streamline your restructure
  • Real-life organisations are improving org design with org.manager
July 22 | 12 noon BOOK
Tech & Cloud
The Intelligent Enterprise applies technology and design thinking to re-imagine business and simplify engagement for employees, customers and the entire supply chain. This think-tank session looks into the following opportunities:

  • The sweet spot at the intersection of intelligent technologies and design thinking
  • Enabling mobile first empowered users in the intelligent enterprise
  • SAP Business Technology platform to leverage cloud for an agile intelligent enterprise
July 22 | 12 noon BOOK
Tech & Cloud
In 2019 it was reported that more than 50,000 SAP customers were compromised by hackers and a study published on BusinessWire suggests more that 64% of organisations SAP systems have been breached during a similar timeframe.

Join this think tank to discuss:
  • what technologies have been developed to combat cyber criminals as they attempt to gain access to SAP data
  • global security measures
  • breakthroughs of the recent release of Azure Sentinels support for SAP landscapes on Azure
July 23 | 12 noon BOOK