There are multiple interactive Think Tanks – you can attend as many as you like. You get the opportunity to network and learn from 20 peers (from other industries) in each one. With your camera on it's a wonderful face to face and personable experience. All based on hot topics, one hour in duration and led by industry experts. Hosted by Mastering SAP they offer you excellent peer to peer learning and are designed to fit into busy schedules.

These think tanks run pre-Mastering SAP between 11 - 15 July. Times are Australian Eastern Standard Time.

The sessions are conducted VIA ZOOM (you will be sent a link to join) and are for registered attendees of Mastering SAP July.

SAP Community Roundtable Topic Date & Time
Tech & Cloud
Since change remains the name of the game, generating maximum value from SAP data is imperative to ensure business agility and continuity. A hallmark of an intelligent enterprise is to treat SAP data like an enterprise asset to be on a continuous path of data driven innovation. With data as their digital life blood, companies are struggling.

How do they Go Beyond SAP transformation to accelerate digital journey in a cost-effective and predictable way? How do they make fast, precise, and impactful business decisions with accessible, analytics ready data they can trust?

Discover an industry standard software for automated end-to-end SAP data transformation and management with up to 70% reduction in time, effort and cost, at minimal risk and business disruption compared to traditional approaches.
  • Accelerated SAP S/4HANA, Cloud, M&As, Carve-outs in 4-6 months for a faster ROI
  • Smart selective Data Management of data growth to reduce TCO and data footprint
  • Flexible Native SAP Integration with Cloud, Big Data, AI, quickly to a platform of choice
  • Unleash data value with data lake integrations and data warehouse modernisation
July 11 | 12 Noon (AEST) BOOK
The finance function of the future will have a refreshed purpose, enabled by people, technology and data – but not as you know them. Enablement through technology, data and process will be critical and CFOs will need to overcome organizational inertia and cultural resistance to change in order to bring their visionary new finance functions to life.

Is the Future of Finance Now? So, how do you achieve it?

  • Create sustainable performance with a clear strategy and performance narrative for financial and non-financial and ESG metrics to build trust with all stakeholders
  • Deliver business insight at speed using advanced analytics to grow revenue and manage cost and risk
  • Drive agile resource allocation through predictive forecasting for a better business case
  • Manage scalable data strategy across end to end finance processes to support expanding internal and external sources
  • Apply automation and emerging technologies including AI for real time decision support, on demand close, and controls and compliance monitoring
  • Invest in digital optimization towards touchless processes including accounting and tax operations responsive to evolving regulations
  • Communicate compelling vision for finance to drive engagement and culture change
  • Develop new skillsets and mindsets to enable innovation and collaboration
  • Embrace dynamic operating model and extended finance ecosystem of leading resources and technologies
Join us to learn more about how organisations are practically driving longer-term value for their enterprise through their digital finance function transformations.
July 11 | 12 Noon (AEST) BOOK
Security & Risk
As security threats have increased over the past few decades, coupled with stricter audits, SAP Role methodologies have evolved over the years to enable companies to provide the appropriate level of control.

Now, as organisations move towards SAP S/4HANA, end-users are promised an improved user experience compared to the SAP GUI. However, as Fiori introduces added complexity from a security perspective, how do you balance user experience and usability with security? How do ensure that the SAP S/4HANA role methodology also addresses other objectives like reduced support effort and provisioning efficiencies, all while providing the organisation with the desired level of control?

Join us to discuss and debate all things role design and provisioning related.
July 12 | 12 Noon (AEST) BOOK
Tech & Cloud
Let’s be frank: it’s tough times for SAP IT teams these days. Mostly perceived as the ones that “just keep the lights on” and execute on long, complex projects – it’s not where IT spend for innovation goes. What if you could flip it around? What if your IT team could do more with less (code)?

In this session, we’ll apply a critical view on low-code app development platforms and their value proposition for SAP-centric IT organizations. We will address common misconceptions and concerns and examine decision criteria for evaluating such platforms including: fit-for-purpose apps, how-to avoid adding technical debt and how-to scale up custom app development. In addition, you’ll be able to share your thoughts and opinions, ask questions and gain insights about best practices and lessons learned from real-life company examples.
July 12 | 2pm (AEST) BOOK
Tech & Cloud
Capgemini, as an SAP Award winner for adoption of BTP, will describe why we are heavily invested in SAP’s BTP platform to achieve our focus on innovation. Learn how we have utilised this platform for several innovative solutions for our customers and our in-house product development center.

This session is ideally suited towards organisations that are interested in an innovation roadmap regardless of SAP stack and may have concerns due to budget constraints, a perceived complex environment or have a low risk appetite. Learn how BTP can unlock many digital core benefits in this step-by-step approach while taking on:

  • Two stage transformation lower risk
  • Using a smaller budget,
  • Experiencing faster time to value,
  • Resulting in early wins
We will also use this time to showcase some of our innovative BTP solutions and discuss your questions and challenges.
July 13 | 12 Noon (AEST) BOOK
HR & Payroll
Technology solutions are continuously evolving at a rapid rate in response to changing workforce needs. The future of work is now – find out how organisations are ensuring they are leveraging new innovations as they are available, staying ahead of the change and building organisation resilience with a continuous improvement approach.

In this session we will facilitate discussion on what processes and stakeholder engagement approaches organisations adopting to ensure they are leveraging the latest innovations to meet the ongoing needs of their workforce. From adopting a full product management approach to a high-level roadmap with quarterly initiatives, we will discover how to prioritise and deliver solutions to address workforce needs for sustainable continuous improvement
July 13 | 12 Noon (AEST) BOOK
Tech & Cloud
RISE with SAP is SAP’s approach to transformation in the Cloud, where customers can be agile, flexible, and resilient. This session will explore:

1. What is transformation? What are the dimensions of transformation?
2. Customer archetypes and transformation (business and technology)
3. Transformation enabled by RISE with SAP.
4. Tools and methodology to guide you through, including change management.
5. Opportunities for modernisation and innovation.
6. Operating models, and changes in responsibilities.
7. Offering maturity, changes in the market and the SAP ecosystem.
July 13 | 2pm (AEST) BOOK
Tech & Cloud
COVID-19 challenged many commonplace assumptions about digital transformation.

As the world emerges from the previous 2 years’ COVID-19 shutdowns where we witnessed information technology groups pivot nearly overnight, launching technology-driven initiatives to enable remote work and distance learning. New customer experiences and new online engagement and sales channels followed close behind.

The experience was not just a case of fast-tracking technology deployments, it was also a test of organisations’ ability to get employees and customers to embrace new forms of business engagement and interaction.

Join AWS to reflect on what the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been. What were temporary measures put in place to cope with a world changed overnight and what’s here to stay and has fundamentally altered how businesses are approaching their digital transformation going forward?

Topics for discussion will include:
  • Which projects were typically paused by most businesses vs. which were fast tracked?
  • Has COVID changed your SAP roadmap?
  • How has the shift to remote impacted your support operations?
  • How has digital transformation been accelerated?
  • Do you predict this will change again as we move further away from COVID restrictions?
July 14 | 12 Noon (AEST) BOOK
From hybrid work and cybersecurity to enabling new business models and managing regulatory changes, finance teams have a long list of priorities placing significant demands on them. The urgency for finance transformation is greater than ever. Organisations are investing in technology and optimisation initiatives, and Finance and Accounting are questioning HOW they should innovate rather than IF. How do finance teams ensure the idea of transformation, makes the leap to tangible plans and funding? This session will unpack, how to trigger and lead a finance first approach to transformation. Come prepared to discuss your challenges and share your lessons with your peers.
July 14 | 12 Noon (AEST) BOOK
Tech & Cloud
Organisations across the globe are modernizing their ERP application landscape. These projects are part of larger strategic initiatives aiming to implement new business models, achieve greater operational and overall improve customer centricity. In the business cases used to justify the significant investments associated with them, you will find the trend words/phrases “from customer request to go life in 5 days”, “increased automation”, “business agility”. As you transform your business and supporting application landscape, we assume you will also include implementation and QA processes as part of the scope.

So here is the oxymoron, when it comes to QA processes a lot of programs stick to a labour intensive predominantly manual approach. Despite the benefits of proven automated QA processes, you can still hear statements “too much risk”, “let’s do it after go life”, “we don’t need to automate”.

Please join me in a discussion, examining some of the main reasons for this reluctance to adopt automated QA processes, the consequences and risk to the overall transformation program and most important let’s find together arguments to convince our peers to make their QA automation part of their overall program success criteria.
July 15 | 12 Noon (AEST) BOOK