Due to ongoing concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19), the well-being of our customers, and government legislation for large gatherings, Eventful has decided that transforming Mastering SAP from a ‘physical experience’ to a ‘digital experience’ is the best way to deliver value to our community.

The digital event experience for Mastering SAP will take place over the original rescheduled days, 12-13 October, plus a bonus day on 14 October. However, your participation in Mastering SAP begins in mid-August with a series of hot topic and roundtable discussions, which run right up until the digital event kicks off.

Absolutely. Your Mastering SAP ticket is now valid for Mastering SAP OnAir. What’s more, we’re offering you one more complimentary ticket for full access to Mastering SAP for a colleague or a manager not yet registered.

The best way to experience Mastering SAP is through our Web Platform and our Mobile App. Therefore, you’ll need a desktop computer or laptop, a smartphone and an internet connection.

The Web Platform is the place to experience the content and connection – offering you 90+ hours of brilliant content, allowing you to meet and connect with other attendees, and of course connect with the Partners in the virtual solutions and expo showcase.

The Mobile App runs in parallel to the Web Platform and will be used for text-based discussion designed around various communities of interest: 1) functional (E.g. HR or Finance), 2) roles (CIO or Security), 3) regions or industries (E.g. NZ or Public Sector) and hot topics (E.g. Integration or Fiori).

We’ve done extensive research on the delivery of content and the engagement of audiences online. As a result, we’ve totally transformed the programming for Mastering SAP OnAir. Instead of keynotes, auditoriums and tracks, think radio, TV and channels. There are 6 types of sessions:

  • INSPIRE (25 minutes of stimulating, inspiring content from world-leading experts)
  • PERSPECTIVES (20-minute interview with two customers with alternative approaches to success)
  • IN-DEPTH (20-minute interview with one customer)
  • REPLAY (15-minute feedback on questions posed from the pre-event roundtables)
  • TIPS & TRICKS (10-minute top things to know about a certain topic).
  • And on the third day, included in your ticket, there is the opportunity to access a 90-minute expert-led WORKSHOP.
  • No need to worry about which speaker or session you’re missing out on. Because you’ll have access to all content for twelve whole months on demand. Plus, there’ll be additional content, white papers, valuable templates, screen shots and demos. Unimaginable in a physical environment.

    Mastering SAP OnAir gives all attendees a closed and private online group for networking to start before, and continue after, the event. Allowing you to share valuable knowledge, learn new ways and form long-lasting relationships.

    Your learning and sharing at Mastering SAP OnAir start 8 weeks out. All attendees can join small and intimate discussion groups, moderated by a domain expert, and structured around your function and role. Designed to uncover solutions to key challenges and burning issues.

    Using our in-app platform, you can build, customize and manage your own event schedule, including meetings and networking discussions. Creating an entirely personalised experience that suits your interests and content requirements.

    As we continue to add more speakers and sessions, the actual schedule is being refined and texturized. Currently, you can view 80 speakers, including their content. The full schedule will be announced on the 1st of September. Once announced, you’ll be able to build a personal event schedule for each day of Mastering SAP OnAir.

    The web platform and mobile app are designed for networking and connection that include one-to-one or group video meetings in a private and secure area, and discussion groups following all sessions. You can message anyone of interest privately and set up meetings (using your calendar), plus contact colleagues, experts or speakers for a video chat.

  • Participation in series of hot topic and roundtable discussions in August and September
  • 90+ hours of streamed content in 10 channels over three days
  • Access to the text-based discussion forums designed around communities of interest
  • Opportunities to network and connect with people through our platforms
  • Matchmaking recommendations based on common interests to help you make amazing connections
  • Access to ask-the-experts area
  • The option to build and personalise your own experience
  • Participation to expert-led workshops
  • Ability to review and evaluate SAP and partner demos and offerings
  • On demand access to all content you missed
  • Mastering SAP OnAir will operate on Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). Each day kicks off at 10am. Networking, discussion and meetings via the platform can continue 24/7.

    We will email your ticket and all log-in and access requirements.

    Each attendee has a unique ticket to Mastering SAP OnAir. Your ticket allows single access to the platform and the mobile app. Remember, if you’ve already purchased a ticket, we are offering you one more complimentary ticket for full access to Mastering SAP OnAir for a colleague or a manager not yet registered.

    Yes, of course. You can transfer your ticket to another person up to 12 hours before the event starts. Please contact Carla Woolley to arrange the transfer.

    Yes, we do. Because Mastering SAP is now online, the experience is now available to many more people. Plus, there are no accommodation or travel costs! Please contact Lisa Irving to discuss more tickets, group tickets and discounts.

    Please contact us on or call on +61 2 9955 7400.