These capability development and training Masterclasses run for 75 minutes and will be led by content experts. You have the option to pick one per day during Mastering SAP OnAir - with the rest available as recorded content so you don’t miss out on any of them.



Presented by Norm Poynter (CAN)

The “Why” of anything we tackle is critically important to understand. Understanding drives passion and motivation two emotions which cannot be garnered without first identifying the “Why”. A quote which articulates this quite well is:

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”

—Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Imagine if our people’s passion was the eradication of defects in equipment, people, process and data then asset performance management would truly be what we all wish it was. This master class will layout a roadmap to reach asset performance management. We will talk about definitions, data sets, process flows and tools. Participants will come away with a broader more interconnected view of the elements of asset performance management and what a plan could be to drive change in their organization.

Presented by Lt Col. David Wilbur (USA), US Marines Corps & President Vetergy Group

Through this captivating case study of four US Marine F/A-18Ds and eight lives as they approach certain disaster, you will experience why resilient leaders constantly ask…” What are we not seeing?” Fortunately, your own system holds the answer, but not where you expect to find it. We will see how dramatic differences among leader behaviours produce more resilient, more competitive, higher performing, future industry leaders or not.

David has served as a Fighter Pilot and Commanding Officer in the US Marines, and a Business Unit Manager and Entrepreneur in private sector industries. From the pressure of combat to unforgiving environments in industry, David experienced a parallel demand for unparalleled human reliability. He has designed and implemented enterprise programs to deliver human reliability in operations where mistakes can be life threatening, economically disastrous, and environmentally catastrophic on a global scale.

Presented by Russell Raath (USA), President, Dare Ambition

Every day, in every company and organization around the world, leaders are making mission-critical decisions on how they will execute their business strategy.

Leaders at non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, Fortune 100 companies and Main Street small businesses all know that every day is an opportunity to make progress or to lose momentum.

It is the choices they make on what to do and what not to do, and how work will get done that will move them and their organizations forward or move them backwards.

And as a result, the pressure is on to make the right decision every single time.

The Ambition Method™ is anchored in behavioral science and decades of observation on organizational performance, and aims to answer this singular question that every leader has asked:


The Ambition Method™ lays out the approach that leaders and their teams can follow to create the results that they desire, to have a positive impact on their organizations, and to build the legacy that all leaders can be proud of.

Presented by Graham Johnston and Christian Tietzel, AGL Energy

SAP S/4 HANA is a big step for most businesses but how many are truly using the power of HANA? Post implementation at AGL, aligning to a standard maintenance process and driving change was very challenging. Each site was measuring maintenance performance differently as well as using many different tools.

Over the past 18 Months AGL has been on a journey with the site people delivering a pipeline of improvements in S/4 HANA. Among these improvements are suite of SAP Fiori UI5 real-time embedded analytic apps that measure maintenance performance as well as other common metrics in EAM. This session will show how we achieved a common set of apps to aligned maintenance performance across all AGL sites as well as technical steps on how we utilised the EAM data in S/4 HANA to build these Fiori apps.

-Business driven apps that lead to high utilisation

-Real – time super fast apps reporting with drill-down functionality

-Multipurpose apps that can report in many ways

Presented by John Dwyer and Marty Ravell, Rizing EAM

Great asset management is based on an encompassing lifecycle view of our assets. This begins with a decision to invest or replace assets. To make that choice we assess asset designs and use portfolio and project planning to evaluate alternatives. Once the design is approved, we move to build and commissioning, in-service management over the service life, and finally end of life and replacement. Throughout this end to end process, data and information for the assets is enriched which produces an evolving representation or digital twin of the asset. While SAP supports all these steps it does not inherently provide an integrated end-to-end set of processes to achieve this. This presentation talks to the full asset lifecycle and solutions that deliver a holistic asset management outcome by building on and extending the functionality that SAP provides.

This session will include examples from geospatially dispersed asset industries including Utilities and Transportation. The processes discussed though are just as applicable to Defence, Manufacturing, Mining and other asset intensive industries.

Presented by Richard Sandall, Chief Supply Chain Evangelist

Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) value chains tend to be quite complex, spanning the globe far and wide, and, as a result, creating ample opportunity for things to go wrong. What’s more, companies often experience challenges on the home-front with maintenance and supply chain organisations operating in silos, caused by missing or weak ERP support for MRO processes like kitting, returns and rentals. Evidently, despite significant investment in ERP systems and the factors mentioned, many organisations continue to operate on inefficient, paper-based processes that lead to low visibility across the value chain and misalignment between their system and actual operations.

Join this interactive masterclass as we take a comprehensive look at opportunities to improve maintenance planning, execution and warehouse operations through integration, including important process touch points across the value chain. Key topics are as follows:

-A review of common challenges in the MRO value chain

-Deeper look into the business implications of poor integration

-An interactive discussion with maintenance and industry experts

-A demo of best practice technology proven to improve the MRO value chain

Presented by Ojas Patel and Lisa Entrekin from Albemarle Corporation

Albemarle is nearly a 150 year old leader in the specialty chemicals industry, with a focus on the production of Lithium, Bromine and Catalyst solutions. Ojas Patel heads the SAP S/4 Logistics & Trade Compliance aspect of their Technology Group, where he focusses on the Logistics & Trade Compliance. Alongside him, Lisa Entrekin is the Director of Logistics Technology and Network Optimization.

Join Ojas and Lisa as they lead a masterclass in Albemarle’s use of SAP’s Transportation Management and Event Management solutions as well as their Global Trade Service (GTS) and Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) solutions. Through an interview with SAP’s Adam Peanna, they will share how they transformed their logistics function through a series of projects that drove productivity in EDI Freight Settlement, Order Change Management, Shipment Planning, Automation, Carrier Connectivity, Reporting, Visibility – track and trace of shipments, User Experience and Strategic Freight Procurement.

In addition, the discussion will also incorporate integration challenges and gotchas to Salesforce (SFDC), Elemica (Tendering, Ocean Booking, Milestone Update) and Ocean Insight (Synchronize Ocean Schedule)

Presented by Vikesh Dayaram from Sigga

It’s widely accepted that digitisation is a major contributor to multiple facets of busines performance. This is especially true of work order management in asset-intensive industries, with productivity 10-30 percent higher where digital asset management processes exist. But while the gap in performance between those that have more mature maintenance processes and those that have not continues to widen, research demonstrates that 7/10 digital asset management projects don’t progress past a Proof of Concept stage.

Director of Customer Success, Vikesh Dayaram has twenty years of international experience implementing major digital transformation projects in mining, energy and utilities. In this masterclass, Vikesh will share the common factors for a successful digital transformation, in addition to ways tips on managing roadblocks and avoiding failures – including pilot purgatory. In this thought-provoking workshop, attendees will gain practical tips and compelling industry research that will improve their chances of a successful digital asset management initiative. If you’re just starting out on your roadmap of improvement, or talking the next stage of a complex, technical project, this session will help you to drive continuous improvement.

Presented by Stephen Silver from Think180

The accessibility of new technology is transforming the way we operate our traditional Asset Management Processes. With an ever increasing technology toolkit, we are constantly challenged to understand what technologies we should be using, how they are used, and what business outcome we are trying to achieve. Operationalising modern technology tools is more than just a few buzz words. Join us in this interactive workshop, to discuss:

-Which technologies are you investigating / using – including AI / Machine Learning / GIS etc?

-Which processes are you targeting for improvement through smart technology?

-What are your current challenges?

-What has been successful / unsuccessful?

-Do you have a Strategy and is it helping?

Presented by Ann Lee and Saurabh Khatri from Syniti

If there is one thing that has become critically visible for any organization in the last 18 months, it is that accurate and trustworthy information is key to sustenance and survival. Data is the new oil – just like crude oil, data needs to be refined to harness its true value. Like designing and building a refinery, data needs to be processed end to end strategically to achieve maximum efficiencies. Looking at individual data points or tools only uncovers part of the puzzle, without a holistic and strategic approach it’s difficult to realise data into a strategic asset. Coupled with limited availability to critical business resources and working from remote environments, it’s easy to see how disconnected data hampers initiatives and puts implementations at risk.

Come join us and hear directly from the team that successfully delivered the recent S/4HANA Business Transformation Program at Endeavour Energy – From zero to executing Production Data Migration 4 days ahead of schedule for over 116M records, with high accuracy & quality, and only pocket change in financial variance for Go-Live, we’ll share how you can take data by the horns and ride the Business Transformation with confidence. You will get to hear perspectives from Business Team, Data experts & the EAM solutions experts and we’ll cover the key notoriously complex tasks you will face – Asset Restructuring, Linear Asset Data alignment (support those dreamy GEF/GIS Solutions), harmonising Vendors, Customers & Employees into the magical S/4 Business Partner and share how to approach, plan, manage and support the Business Stakeholders on their Data Journey through the Business Transformation.