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Sessions run from 1pm – 2pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (12noon – 1pm Australian Eastern Standard Time)

The sessions are conducted VIA ZOOM (you will be sent a link to join) and are for registered attendees (SAP customers) of Mastering SAP November.

SAP Community Roundtable Topic Date & Time
CAPEX processes in asset-intensive industries are complex and range from long-term processes starting at the portfolio level several years out, through to ad-hoc asset replacements in short-term timeframes.

There is no single SAP solution for asset design and estimation across these timeframes and scenarios, and custom solutions are frequently developed within individual organisations to handle requirements such as design versions, evaluation of alternative designs and interaction with multiple different SAP objects over diverse timeframes.

To comprehend this operational and technical complex, this session:

1. Describes the operational and productivity challenges encountered in the processes of long-term plans to construct and replace assets

2. Overviews the standard SAP functionalities available for these processes and their limitations on the consistency of approach and discontinuity in the business processes

3. Discusses the individual enhancements commonly used to address these limitations

4. Presents a unified enhancement which empowers an end-to-end seamless orchestration of designs across the long-term planning lifecycle for asset construction and replacement
Nov 7 | 1pm BOOK
Achieving the right mix of inventory to manage risk and uncertainty while maintaining service levels. Is your business just in time or just in case? Lets discuss how we all can get the most out of inventory, unlock its value and ensure it delivers its intent by:

• Connecting the inventory requirements from planning to execution
• Enabling best practice collaboration to objectively improve KPI’s and organisational success
• Utilising technology to automate cross-industry business complexity
Nov 8 | 1pm BOOK
Agile Field Service. Intelligent Asset Management. Digitalised Warehouse Operations.

Industrial Augmented Reality enables organisations to digitalise the workspace of the frontline worker. Leveraging AR, deskless workers can collaborate seamlessly with remote experts, and are connected to the critical data and information they need to perform their jobs more efficiently. Equipping the frontline workforce with augmented reality technologies has been proven to enable businesses to ramp up new workers more quickly, increase uptime, ensure employee and customer satisfaction—while improving safety, compliance and efficiencies.

Join this session to discover how you can achieve a connected workforce that’s more productive, collaborative, and satisfied using Industrial Augmented Reality—and how the technology extends the value of SAP’s industry cloud portfolio and S/4HANA solutions.
Nov 9 | 1pm BOOK
Changing climate, regulatory constraints, population demand, resource shortages and a more engaged and socially conscious consumer is putting the spotlight on long term asset decision making capabilities. Digital adaptive planning tools that have analytic and scenario generation capabilities are valuable tools that can rapidly run multiple permutations of complex scenarios of alternative plausible futures. Such a tool will support whole of system adaptive planning which transcends the regulatory cycles and drives improved allocation of capital.

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Nov 10 | 1pm BOOK